In the last few weeks, Algeria was in the headlines. The inhabitants of the North African state, the eternal head of state, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, to the pepper country.

From a Swiss perspective, there is another current reason to deal with Algeria. The historian Kiran Klaus Patel devotes a Chapter in his recently published book, “project Europe” on the European integration process.

Algeria was once a French colony. With the end of the brutal foreign rule, the European economy, left Algeria community, the precursor organization of today’s EU.

The actual “Algeriexit” took place in the amazing minstrel. At the request of Algeria, the Europeans treated the Land first, more so, when it was still part of the community. The relationships have not been developed, however, continued. Algeria lost within a few years, the connection and saw with ever greater trade barriers.

With a similar scenario, the EU threatens today the Switzerland: there Should be no framework agreement would update the existing treaties and phased out. One day, the Confederation would not be compatible with the neighboring States.

of Course, the output is the position of Switzerland in 2019 is a very different than those of the Ex-colony Algeria in the sixties.But it is also true: at the Time, Algeria was a world’s largest wine exporter. After gaining independence in 1962, the government in Algiers had high hopes on this sector.

Because the winemakers of the European market with her, so it describes at least the historian Patel, have lost the wine there in importance. Today is produced in Algeria any more.