unlike many other old Federal councillors Kaspar Villiger (78) has also remained silent since his resignation in 2003 to current political issues are almost always welded. One of the think tank Avenir Suisse organized Podium of the former FDP-defence and later Minister of Finance has spoken now, but plain text.

The Lucerne held on Friday, an impassioned plea for the signing of the framework agreement with the European Union. The contract would be in respect of legal certainty, “a quantum leap”, he said. Villiger praises especially the negotiated dispute resolution model with the arbitration court. “This is a protection for Switzerland.” Because any actions taken by the EU, if Switzerland does not want to accept an EU adaptation would have to be relatively. “Today, the EU can be unrestrained and disproportionate their Power play,” said the former National, the estates and the Federal Council.

The Best, in order to prevent accession to the EU

The framework agreement is not the ultimate solution, he said, but acceptable. In terms of the principles of the EU, Switzerland has accommodated “remarkable”. The Federal councillors would have to be a jerk and your leadership responsibilities, said Villiger, according to the “Messenger of Urschweiz”. He sees the agreement as a precursor for accession to the EU – quite the contrary: “The framework agreement allowed us, without too great disadvantages of the EU to stay away from.”

The Federal Council before the summer holiday – apparently, on 7. June – to explain its strategy for the relations with the EU. Against the framework agreement the parties have strong reservations of the Federal Council parties, the FDP says only Yes.

The Left criticized that the local wage erodiere protection. Villiger: to inflate The framework agreement “a threat to our wage levels, is absurd!” The protection of Wages, which only affects about 0.6 percent of our labour markets, and in the agreement approved measures were wisely implemented – hardly less effective than the current System.

Switzerland will remain in a “defiant sham sovereignty”

Without a framework agreement Villiger feared the creeping end of the bilateral relations. “The Status quo is not stable, because the substance of the Bilateral eroded, because the further development of our is blocked relationship with the EU and because of our susceptibility to blackmail is increasing by the EU,” says the former Chairman of the Board of UBS in his speech at the Avenir-Suisse-event.

And further: The “defiant sham sovereignty” will not prevent that Switzerland had to hastily add to international rules. “Many of the receivables that are feared in the Wake of a conclusion of the framework agreement, are also without a framework agreement on us,” the cigar manufacturers-family, Ex-politicians.

Villiger mean a Takeover of the controversial Union citizens Directive, in other words, the Expansion of social security benefits for EU citizens in Switzerland, as he says on demand to VIEW. But not only that, but also the aspired to by the EU prohibition of state aid.

The former FDP magistrate (1989 to 2003) generally has a lot of reservations about the current policy in the Federal government in Bern. He spoke in his speech of the “increasing age of pessimism” and that Bern get used to back “the money with full hands and no real Prioritization of spending”.

Villiger criticized the SVP and SP as stubborn

the Sharp criticism practiced Villiger at the SVP and the SP: “Political polarization and stubbornness here and there, making it increasingly difficult workable compromises,” he said. Election result would be more important to replace than problem-solving, personal insults have to deal with the matter. And the systematic creation of distrust belong to the business model of the Pol-parties. “This is poison for our success.”

The 78-Year-old believes that the country is more likely to take because of its politicians as because of the EU damage: “at The Moment our site conditions are threatened by the risks of its own economic and political failures is much greater than any risks of the framework agreement.”

The framework agreement would bring Changes to the protection of Wages, which the Left says no. Was presented yesterday, Figures from the state Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) for 2018 show that the control density remains high. Compliance with the working conditions was checked in a total of 173’000 people in over 42’000 firms. With a ratio of 35 percent, the authorities checked more than every third of the posted foreign workers. In addition, 31 percent of self-employed service provider. In the Swiss Operated a wage-Dumping remained with a rate of 13 percent, the same as in the previous year. In the case of the seconded employees decreased from 16 to 15 percent.