Now, the Canton of Zurich has Chicken his Kentucky Fried. The American Fast-Food chain, whose Name translates as “Fried Güggeli from Kentucky” (American Federal state; ed. d. Red.) means and KFC is abbreviated, has today opened a Morning, their fourth Restaurant in Switzerland. After Geneva, Mendrisio, TI, and the Shoppyland in Schönbühl BE the old man laughs with the goatee in Volketswil ZH.

a VIEW has taken a few minutes before the opening ceremony with the Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Chef (short ROOF) from KFC, Marco Schepers (43), for coffee. During the conversation, the views of a branch of the competitors McDonald’s on the other side of the road. Whether this is a pleasant neighborhood? At least KFC has launched an attack on the Fast Food giant. In ten years, the Güggeli-chain wants to open 50 Restaurants in the whole of Switzerland, McDonald’s has over three times.

“chicken is healthy, Just”

: How does KFC in times, where the society demands more and more healthy food with Junk Food? Schepers defends his cuisine: “Our food is of the highest quality. Chicken is healthy. Generally, KFC is healthy food.” But the chicken is breaded and fried? “We have a lot of healthy side dishes, mashed potatoes, Corn, and salad,” he says. And because the seasoning was so good, they need almost no Sauce. “We all know that most of the calories come when you eat meat from the Sauce,” he adds in a serious tone.

one way or the other, the business is going well for Schepers. And he is convinced that the next stores will he open up, are also overrun: “we will open in Bern, right by the train station in the shaft 7, in the centre of Basel, we are currently two -, three owners and in the Region of Zurich, we also have a great transport location in the visor.”

Soon, Swiss chicken

just like now in Geneva, he will also everywhere, where a branch in the city centre, also a home-delivery service, in cooperation with the Portal launch.

it is Well possible that the consumers need to be eating Swiss meat. Currently, the Güggeli come from Holland and Germany. Schepers: “We stand at the Moment, but with four Swiss producers in contact and hope to be able to from mid-2019 chicken from you.”