Sarah Steiner (35) leans forward and says: “So many parents come each Time ready-made pasta at work!” The reason for this is the balancing act between career and family. Because you arrive at work, they are attracted to their four and a half year old daughter already, in the kindergarten, back left, and had to rush at the end, in order to be on time in the office.

This daily Stress is a reason why the industry is losing many talented women. Because even though today there are more day-care centres, are out of date structures in the company often. And inflexible.

flexibility is one of the key words

Instead of getting angry about it, Steiner along with three other women for a solution. “We are all mothers, and the lack of flexibility in working life, the people in this country with a small child, are exposed to,” says Steiner. Now you want to Lower anything, as the work and care model of the future. Your Business is Tadah and is a place where the mother works and the child next door care. In short: a Coworking Space with childcare. Coworking is a Trend in which different people share an office. Mobile workstations are becoming more and more popular, the offer in Switzerland is becoming bigger and bigger. For Steiner and her colleagues the perfect solution to the inflexibility of day care centers.

Because sometimes only three hours are needed to finish a project, says Steiner. But in the kindergarten you can give the child only for a day. Add to that the simplified logistics. No amount of Mr can between work and daycare. Business partner, Julia Bochanneck (35) provides a further advantage, if the daycare center is next door: “My daughter is four months old, I want to go back to work and at the same time breast-feeding.”

In Switzerland there are, according to the labour force survey of over half a Million working mothers. Steiner and co. surveyed 400 mothers. The result: 93 percent would take such a job, and half of that would increase your workload, if your employer would offer you this opportunity.

companies are in places

The companies have become noisy. Steiner says: “We have large companies that are very interested in our model.” With the combined offer, the four women in Zurich start Rieden-Albis. 30 working and 30 day care places are planned. “We have professional child care, it should come as close as possible to a day-care centre,” says Steiner. The trained child minders are supported by students and retired. You have no subsidised places, but the offer shall be for less well-off parents to access.

1. September there is the combo-package. So that more parents hear about the idea, start four in the morning on the platform Wemakeit a Crowdfunding campaign. As one of the investors said, whether it would be serious if all four 100% would work on the project “Tadah”, said this: “exactly. It is about the compatibility of family and career.”