That settled hedmark county district court in the afternoon. The charged undergis the letter and visitation in a week.

It was Wednesday morning that a woman was attacked by a man with axe in Ringebu. A 20-year-old man is charged with attempted murder.

the Man was in the day made for varetektsfengsling. The police asked about the four weeks, where the first week is with the letter and besøkskontroll.

the Danger of repetition

the Defendant said that he over time has had a desire to kill anyone, and that was what happened in Ringebu yesterday, says politiadvokat by the Inland police, Tom first edition.

the DANGER OF REPETITION: Politiadvokat Gjestvang says that the persons charged have had a desire to kill someone. – He has expressed that he still has these thoughts, ” he says.

Photo: Mette Finborud Børresen / NRK

He tells that there is danger of repetition, which makes that the police are now asking for imprisonment.

He has expressed that he still has these thoughts, ” he says.

hedmark county district court believes there is a nearby and real danger that man will commit new acts of violence if he wanted to.

the Right refers to the attack on the woman should have been planned. In fengslingskjennelsen are also the persons charged have a fascination for violence, and that he has known killers as idols.

Outside the danger of death

According to the first edition of the well-known not the defendant and the woman to each other.

– It was probably a random victim.

He says that the woman is awake and out of danger of death.

She was rushed to Ullevål yesterday and was added to the observation. She has sewn some cuts in the face. Beyond that, we have not received any new information, ” he says.

Have explained themselves to the police

the Man’s defense, Lorentz ° ken stavrum explains that the man has accepted varetektsfengslingen. He also has given a detailed explanation to the police.

he has acknowledged pretty much what he can know of the actual circumstances, ” says ° ken stavrum.

KNOWN each OTHER NOT: According to politiadvokat first edition of the well-known not the defendant and the woman to each other. The man’s defense says that the client has accepted varetektsfengslingen.

Photo: Mette Finborud Børresen / NRK

He adds that the man is not able to take a position on the issue of guilt.

It is because it should be studied further, ” says ° ken stavrum.

– does it Mean that it should be done a psychiatric assessment?

– It is to be hoped that it soon will be petitioned, and that I understand that the prosecution will do.

on Thursday night, writes the newspaper Dølen that påtaleansvarlig in the case, politiadvokat Hans Petter Ommedal, has requested a full legal investigation regarding siktedes sanity.

In the course of a few weeks ‘ time I expect that this investigation and observation will be done, says Ommedal to the newspaper.