Four people escaped after 32 days adrift in the open sea

Four people more than a month drifting in the Pacific ocean and traveled two thousand miles before they were rescued. According to the Guardian, during this time, killed eight of their fellow passengers, including a small child.

on 22 December a group of tourists on a motor boat out to sea from the island of Bougainville (located to the East of mainland Papua New Guinea). They went on Carteresque Islands, located just 100 kilometers to celebrate the Christmas with them.

In the way of their ship capsized: several people drowned, others managed to escape. They returned the boat in working condition and dredged water from it. Subsequently, several people died from dehydration.

One of the survivors of Dominick of Crystals, which is now in the hospital in the Solomon Islands, said that it is still hard to think about what had to go.

“We were so happy that we will go on Carterets Islands for the holidays. We could not imagine that it would end like this,” said he.

the Man said that the survivors saw passing judgment, but could not signal for help. In the end, the fishermen noticed them and was only saved by January 23.

In November it was reported the diver, two days drifting in the open sea in the Ussuri Bay. The man said that 12 ships sailed past him, and only the crew of the thirteenth to the transport refrigerator “Tiger-2” – noticed it.