For many students, the Internet is a distraction, particularly during finals when viral games and social media seem so much more appealing than working on your papers. However, the Internet can also be a source of help. Plenty of useful websites, including essay writing services, are there to help you succeed academically. The trick is to focus on them instead of on the distracting parts of the Internet.

Here are some helpful Internet resources that can supplement your syllabus and professors.

  1. Quiz Sites

Scientific studies have shown that active studying is much more helpful than passive studying. Reading the same page over and over again may make you feel as if you are doing something but may not prepare you for the exam. On the other hand, active studying where you are forced to recall and use the information that you memorized can help simulate an exam and prepare you for a test.

There are plenty of Internet resources to help you quiz yourself. Popular quiz sites include Quizlet, Kahoot, and Anki. You can make your own quiz deck, share with a friend, or even find old quizzes from students who took similar courses.

  1. Writing and Grammar Checkers

You may think that the essay you are about to hand in is some of your most brilliant work, but your sleep-deprived, study-exhausted brain may miss paragraphs full of typos, agreement mistakes, and run-on sentences. Before you hand your paper in, run the writing through an online checker to catch any mistakes.

Simple sites, such as Grammarly, offer free tips on improving your spelling, grammar, and clarity. Others, including Grammarly’s premium version or the Hemingway app, can help you cut through the fluff and write an essay that flows better and makes strong arguments.

  1. Online Courses

You may wonder why you need online courses if you are already enrolled in university. However, online mass learning tools such as Khan Academy and Coursera can help supplement material that your professor covers in class. If your professor’s teaching style just doesn’t work for you, then trying an alternate course may still help you ace the class.

Online courses can also help you refresh your memory after a long break. Maybe you want to use your vacation time wisely or are taking a class long after you took the introductory requirements. Online learning resources can work in tandem with your syllabus.

  1. Essay Writing Services

Sometimes, no amount of grammar checking or course material can help you manage the deadlines piling on. Luckily, the Internet can connect you with people who can help, such as professional essay writers.

Employees and contractors at essay writing services are usually professional writers or academics. They can look over your draft and polish it enough to ace your assignment or write an essay from scratch.

The beauty of the Internet is that it can connect you to information that can help you ace your classes and people that can help as well. If your coursework is getting too overwhelming, connect with an online essay writing service.