because of the pandemic coronavirus, the European Commission is not yet able to pursue a single border policy. However, this can be done at the level of individual countries. So, Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria agreed to open borders for tourists, according to the magazine Blick.

“Stay by the sea will soon be possible for the Swiss” – said the official representative of the Ministry of justice of Switzerland Philipp Schwander. According to him, the Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter, in a telephone conversation with colleagues from Germany, Austria and France have tentatively agreed to open borders for tourists. “The normal situation is to return as soon as possible”, – concluded the Minister.

According to preliminary agreement, the borders between countries should be re-opened in the next few weeks. Though the exact date is not known, an Indispensable condition is the reduction of reported cases of coronavirus. If necessary, the parties may hold additional consultations. Account is also taken of the fact that Germany officially closed its borders to 15 may, France – until mid-June. However, in recent days, has intensified criticism of the authorities in favor of an early lifting of restrictions.

In Europe there was also the idea of special corridors for tourists, “from airport to airport”. This question is especially interested in Croatia. Zagreb wants to negotiate with some countries on the delivery people. In addition, it is proposed to use the transit route from Austria through Slovenia directly to the Mediterranean beaches.