In Israel, archaeologists have identified the place where more than 800 years ago, the army of crusaders, led by Richard I, known as “Lionheart”, got the victory over the troops of An-Nasir Salah ad-DIN Yusuf Ibn Ayyub, known as Saladin.

About the opening tells The Jerusalem Post. We are talking about the battle of Arsuf which happened during the Third crusade September 7, 1191. The crusaders led by Richard the Lionheart defeated the army of Saladin. For many centuries this battle was described as a very important point in this confrontation.

Now, some historians doubt such an assessment. They note that although Richard had won the battle, but could not completely destroy the Muslim force. The crusaders then failed to capture Jerusalem, although this was their ultimate goal. On the other hand, it was the first since the defeat at Hattin in 1187, a significant victory for the crusaders.

for Many years scientists have searched for the exact place of the battle. The way it was described in ancient written sources, but the whereabouts – no. Moreover, as shown by a new study since then, the landscape has changed. To find it has been Israeli archaeologist, Dr. Raphael Lewis of the University of Haifa.

In his work he compared historical records with archaeological finds, and also used for such innovative research methods. As a result, he has determined the area between Herzliya, kibbutz Shefayim, villages Rishon and Kfar Shmaryahu, and between modern and ancient cities called Arsuf.

“Richard and his crusaders wanted to capture Jerusalem, but first the monarch has decided to go South to capture Jaffa, explained Dr. Lewis. – Hike along the shore of the Mediterranean sea allowed him to protect his army from the right flank and get logistical support from its fleet. Richard proved that he possessed important leadership skills: he often allowed the army to rest near water sources to recover the strength.”

To accurately determine the place where there was a major battle, the scientist analyzed the number of light hours that the crusaders could use for his campaign without fear of being attacked by archers. It was also studied the motion of the moon, temperature, humidity and wind direction.

Ancient maps and records from different periods helped restore the landscape of that time period. It really is markedly different from today’s. For example, we know that the battle happened in the neighborhood near oak forest, which does not exist anymore.

Narrowing the range of searching, archaeologists have conducted a study on a very limited area, using a metal detector. As a result, managed to detect a few artifacts typical of the periodrestovich campaigns, including arrowheads and horseshoes Dating from the late XII or early XIII century. All this together has led to the conclusion that the battle took place in the specific area between the modern cities of Herzliya Marina and Arsuf. Previously it was thought that it occurred in the plain of Sharon close to tel Aviv.