One of the most serious problems facing potential settlers on Mars, is the constant bombardment of deadly cosmic radiation, with which they will face.

But a team of scientists and planetary scientists of the Washington Academy of Sciences talked about how to protect themselves on the red planet, reports Live Science: to avoid cosmic rays, they propose to build settlements inside underground caves, called lava tubes, — stating that he chose the perfect place.

District dream researchers: deep impact basin called Hellas Planitia near the equator, where radiation levels are lower than in other places on Mars, according to Live Science.

After the discovery of three structures that seem to be lava tubes, on the basis of images obtained by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the team tested the hypothesis that protection from radiation in the lava tubes. Tube blocked to 82 percent of solar radiation that reached the surface of the Earth, according to their study, which was accepted for publication by the journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences.

This is not the first time that experts suggest the use of a lava tube for settlement of the new world: for example, the space Agency of Japan had the same offer of settlement on the moon in 2017.

Even at levels of radiation below the average in Hellis Planitia colonists will face dangerous levels of cosmic radiation, which means they’ll need additional protection before they are sent to the Red planet.