the Results of preclinical studies showed that cancer drug calibratin used against malignant diseases of the blood, is able to save patients with severe coronavirus infection. This drug blocks a specific protein and reduces the severity of hyperphosphatemia.

American scientists have found a new drug that could save patients from severe forms of coronavirus infection. Compound called calibration, before this was used against malignant diseases of the blood. This was reported in an article published in the journal Science Immunology.

Testing with 19 critically ill patients (eight of them were placed on a ventilator) demonstrated that calibrating blocks the protein tyrosinekinase Bruton (VTK), reducing the risk of respiratory distress and reducing an overactive immune response. However, this effect should be tested in randomized controlled clinical trials are also needed to determine safe doses.

VTK is required for normal immune function and operation of macrophages, which secrete proinflammatory signaling molecules cytokines. Cytokines act as mediators to help regulate defensive reactions of the body in contact with infection. However, in severe COVID-19 may occur excessive release of cytokines, which contributes to dysfunction of the lungs. It giperosmolarna condition called cytokine storm, and currently there is no proven treatment strategies of this stage of the disease.