On the beach in the heart of the British city of Liverpool, County of Merseyside, found a four-meter carcass of an unidentified creature. This publication reports the Liverpool Echo.

half-Decayed remains belonged to a large, muscular animal. “He’s got four fins, giving it a weird look. And fur — said the man who found the carcass. — Length about 4.5 meters, bones sticking out everywhere, some more than a meter in length. Smelled awful.”

the Man posted several photos from a beach in a local Facebook group. Hope that someone will be able to determine the origin of the remains is not justified. Most noted in the comments thinks it’s a dead cow or a horse, the others joke about mammoths, monsters of Frankenstein and aliens.

fragments of the carcasses of large marine animals that sometimes find on the shore of the ocean, called globsters. Although the strong decomposition makes it difficult to identify them, they are considered to belong to the sharks or whales.

In 2018, it was reported that the residents of Kamchatka were discovered on the coast the remains of the unusual hairy creature. The carcass washed ashore after a violent storm near the village Pakhachi olyutorskogo district.