A group of scientists from MIT spoke about the method of diagnosis of coronavirus voice, a study published in the journal Open Journal of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology.

As noted in the article, the speech and the voice of a person is largely dependent on the breathing apparatus and if, for example, with light having any problems, it affects how the person said, reports RIA “Novosti”.

In the study, the scientists used voice recordings of celebrities who had discovered the coronavirus, occurring without symptoms. To analyze and compare records before infection and after it became known about the positive test for infection.

As found by the authors during infection by coronavirus is significantly reduced variety of sound signals. It is noted that this reduction is manifested in the characteristics of a voice associated with breathing.

While scientists emphasize that this is only the first stage and they used samples of around five people, and for further study the study should continue.

Meanwhile, in Russia the defense Ministry and the center Gamalei started final stage clinical trials of a vaccine against the coronavirus: the first group of volunteers will be discharged from hospital on 15 July, the second group will receive a second component of a vaccine on July 13.