Found a way to protect the Earth from asteroid Apocalypse

as models, the researchers used two asteroids. One of them, Benn, is considered the most dangerous to our planet currently known — the chance of dropping it on the Ground or in 2169 2199 years will amount to only one to four thousand. Other asteroids, is formally related to the category of “potentially dangerous”, threatening the planet to a much lesser extent.

the Second asteroid was Apophis. It was opened in 2004 at the Observatory Kitt Peak in Arizona, and a year is named after the ancient Egyptian God Apophis, a huge serpent, the destroyer, who lives in the dark underworld. Some time ago, about the likelihood of future collisions of the cosmic object to the Earth, said experts from the American space Agency NASA. However, it soon became clear that in 2029 and 2036, when the outer body will move closer to our planet the probability of its falling to the Ground tends to zero. However, some scientists, including Russian, not a hundred percent sure that will be negligible and the probability of falling in 2068 or later.

Scientists suggest to first submit to a potentially dangerous asteroid scout ship to accurately calculate the trajectory of another vehicle which at high speed will deviate an asteroid from a dangerous course. All this is to be done before the gravity of Earth will redirect cosmic body in its direction.

the Study was published in the journal Acta Astronautica.

By the way, many experts believe that the time to detect dangerous for the earth asteroid even more complex and challenging task than actually destroying it. To date, there are about 4 300 near-earth objects with diameters that ranges from hundred meters to kilometers, however, according to theoretical calculations, their number may reach 430 thousand, that is, for every known asteroid, you have hundred unknown. In this regard, scientists from different countries, including Russia, actively Rdriver run not only over how to prevent the collision with asteroids, but also on the means for detection of near-Earth celestial bodies. Recently this problem has attracted even the neural network.

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