The Indian army announced the deaths of 20 of its soldiers in a collision with the Chinese military in the disputed section of the border in the Western Himalayas. The Chinese foreign Ministry confirmed the “violent confrontation”, silent about the victims.

According to the statement of Delhi, both sides suffered losses. The official representative of the Indian Ministry of foreign Affairs, Anurag Srivastava blamed for the deaths of soldiers to Beijing.

The Reuters source in the government of India stated that the participants in the border conflict did not fire a single shot — Indian and Chinese military used stones and metal bars as weapons. The fight lasted for several hours.

They fought with iron rods, the commander was seriously wounded and fell, and when it did, more soldiers of the PLA attacked a group of Indians with stones, — quotes Reuters of his companion.

The representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang at a press conference in Beijing called for the Indian side of the border responsible for conflict. According to him, the Indian military violated the border and staged a provocation, attacking Chinese soldiers.

According to TV channel NDTV, the troops of India and China had a mutual withdrawal of forces after a clash on the line of control in Ladakh.

Wrote in June, the Parliament of Nepal ruled that the country’s three Himalayan area is actually controlled by India. In Delhi called the decision of the neighbors is unacceptable.