“Ouch,” says Janni Ree in Thursday’s episode of ‘Forsidefruer’.

Together with Amalie Szigethy she’s taken to skedeopstramning at a clinic in Hellerup. Here she is on a couch, while the doctor Jørgen Esmann is by sticking an instrument up into her vagina.

In the context Janni Ree aware that she has a short uterus, and that it therefore can be encountered on the cervix.

the procedure Itself is not nice, tell forsidefruen:

“This is strange, because it is both sources and burns,” she says and elaborates later with a laugh:

“It’s not something I would like to do at home in the bedroom. That is where we are.”

the Procedure is as follows, with rf energy heats the tissue in the area, and thus stimulated the skin, muscles and nerves, which has firming effect.

Just vaginal tightening is a subject, B. T. former have affected, and you may find a part of the coverage here.

Back in the clinic sitting Amalie Szigethy at his friend’s side and witnessing the entire procedure. She seems to have it a little bit ambivalent with the situation:

“I would not have a man that cuddled me around my genitals. It is no want.”

“But I think that many women will suffer for beauty. And I will as clearly.”

Thursday’s episode of ‘Forsidefruer’ can be seen on Viaplay and on TV3 at 20.