In the same way as Denmark is shut down, the primacy of the coronavirus also got Dubai to shut down. It affects, of course, Tina Lund and family in many ways, but especially does it affect her equestrian sports.

“It’s really hard right now. All involved in equestrian events are cancelled. And there’s the OLYMPICS soon,” says a worried ‘Forsidefruer’-participant to the Realityportalen.

even Though all involved in equestrian events are canceled, and according to the recommendations in Dubai should preferably be flat, so visiting Tina still horses. She trains almost every day, but do it however, alone. And now is the OLYMPICS, despite the difficult conditions, still the plan.

“My horses are sick, if they do not come out. But I’m not in contact with other than my horses. I will not touch by some people,” says Tina.

Besides spending time with her horses, she is with the children and has some regular play dates with a couple of girlfriends and their children. The agreements will take place at the same two places each time in order to avoid being infected.

Almost caught at the airport

Tina takes coronapandemien very seriously and tries his hardest to avoid it. Among other things they eat in the family healthier and far more vitamins in order to be better equipped against illness.

“I try to do my best among other things to keep the kids inside and wash their hands often. When we act, then we are acting for a good while, so we should not do it often. I think we fit a lot in,” she says.

In Dubai is the outlook that one should not expect to be able to get some places for the next two months, and Tina is experiencing, that people are good to respect it.

“But I hope it doesn’t last as long. There is not some of our children who go to school, and we don’t go outside a door. All the shopping malls are closed, the cinemas are closed, the playgrounds are closed. Everything is closed,” says Tina Lund.

She reached only just to get the man Allan Nielsen home from a business trip before the airport closed down for all flights.

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