In the FIG formula E with more and more of the well-known manufacturers, the technical arms race has begun for a long time. At least there, where it is allowed. Because of cost reasons, all Teams must use the same unit by car, only on the drive unit under the Formwork can be fiddled.

But there you go. It is a hassle to Sébastien Buemis Nissan Team. The Japanese place as the only team with a drive consisting of two electric motors. Eight of the nine formula-E-manufacturers are now asking the FIA to ban this system.

According to the “” you can use the second electric motor to the intermediate storage of the energy. To get Nissan on the ropes, could analyze the opponent and even sound recordings of the passing Buemi car.

Not forbidden, but also not allowed

But the fact is: The Nissan-driving has been lodged at the beginning of the season so Homo. The regulations does not note that the drive should not consist of more electric motors. But no, it would be explicitly allowed. Now the opponents of the FIA demanding that the next season the regulations for clarity: I.e., a ban of dual motors.

But the vortex is in spite of the lean-Nissan-results (only a place on the podium of Buemis team-mate Oliver Rowland) so large that at one of the upcoming races a Protest against Nissan is inserted. Evil tongues might claim: The opponents to wait until Star-Pilot Buemi this season, gets his first podium finish…