In June, the whir of the silent electro-racers of formula E for the first time, by Bern. But even before the first appearance at the ultra-fast mountain-and-valley slope at the bear pit, will be used for the course for the upcoming seasons.

According to SonntgsBlick information from the West of Switzerland, is working behind the Scenes to organise 2021 the race for the first time in Geneva. Already, different routes, variations in the city examined – apparently a right on lake Geneva with the Jet d’eau, the other in the district of Les Vernets, the home of ice hockey club Servette. A real home race for the Geneva Edoardo Mortara, who celebrated in Hong Kong in his first formula E victory. With a lot of political resistance is to be expected in the traditionally race-related Romandie. It is expected to be in 2021 and the first formula-E-occurs in the Western part of Switzerland.

On Sunday afternoon to confirm the race organisers officially, that a Dossier has been submitted for the organisation of the Swiss E-Prix 2021 in the Canton of Geneva.

But what is a 2020? Then the cars have to regulate back to Zurich, electr. This year, the formula E avoided because of the Züri-Resistant to Bern. Zurich had made a re-grant for 2020. Sunday view learned that the new Zurich-based plans are much more advanced than accepted. The formula E with a return to Zurich again on the lake by hiss? OK Boss Pascal Derron says only: “We are in the evaluation phase. Two routes are on the short list.”

Thereafter, it is the policy of the train. The E-Prix will be carried out in Berne and then in Geneva in private, without any tax money. Zurich has poached Bern the wheel-world Cup 2024, made from the city Treasury approximately 8 million flow. For formula E, not a single franc of the public sector in Switzerland so far.

However, The electric series is in a very good way to establish themselves in Switzerland, thanks to the changing locations!