Soon, start in Bern the first part of the Work for the race track: On 22. June, the FIG formula E on the mountain-and-valley, guest-digging-round course at the bear. But in the Background of the Work for the E-Prix 2020, which will take place as in the case of the Swiss Premiere with 150000 Fans last year, then again in Zurich to run.

at the end of March LOOK reveals that the Work for the return to Zurich are much more advanced than previously thought. It is the Evaluation Phase, because of the permits, the city’s policy is involved, running. The city Council is the opposite of the E-Prix 2020 positive, if a new suitable location is found.

two specific circuit variants according to a VIEW-information to the debate. In the case of no residents of the route””. Nocturnal erection and dismantling work, there’s anyway no more: Learning from Zürich 2018.

promoters don’t have to wait for weeks to answer

As the track on the lake of Zurich through the insurance comes in the quarter in question, is now planned to be a track around the ETH Site on the hönggerberg. But there are also plans that the FIG formula could hiss but again at the lake of Zurich over exist. To be more precise: On the lake of Zurich! A temporary floating bridge on the lake to race tracks around 400 meters of Passage. So what else was never in racing!

Whether the city Council for this spectacle gives the green light? To VIEW OK Boss Pascal Derron confirmed that the route options were evaluated. The application was submitted after several meetings and a site visit. The racing Promoter waiting now for weeks for a response to the policy.

Derron says about the two versions: “at the moment we are concentrating on the stretch at the ETH Hönggerberg. This is a feasible variant, even if you have to rebuild a lot of things.” Such as, for example, the Expansion of Wässerlingweg to the required track width.

Enough space for more than 100000 spectators would also be provided. However, Due to the exposed location on the hönggerberg, the access routes are a cracking nut.

If the ETH-bursting Plan – hiss of the E-cars actually on the lake as the crazy Alternative Plan? “Technically that would be feasible,” says Derron.

the fact is: The FIG formula E has a strong interest in new, spectacular race tracks. 2020 is about whooshing in London by an exhibition hall. And until the beginning of June, the world Association FIA certainty as to the Zurich-plans would like to, because then you will have already created the first calendar for the season 2019/20.