Polite, modest, and always a slight Smile on the lips. With a couple of water bottles for the 30 degree sweaty Reporter for the world champion-son took part in the improvised media table behind the garages of his Prema team place.

Why are we sitting here, formula 1 or formula 2? With this simple question in the 20 minute Grand Prix of the empty words started. Schumi junior: “formula 2, of course!” And any further attempt to bring the topic on the upcoming test drives in Ferrari (Tuesday) and Alfa-Clean (Wednesday), failed miserably.

Mick Was just scared?

Somehow you had the feeling that Mick may just say nothing. Yes, he had a fear of giveaways. This will and must change, if the German wants to reach the top. On Saturday and Sunday, he travels to the former camel Farm in Bahrain, his first two formula 2 race with 610 HP. The European title in the formula 3 Mick 2018 was still with 240 HP on the road.

And next week, Mick almost 1000 HP under the ass. But he does not want to even think about that: “I must now take all the experience from formula 3 into formula 2. And the old error. I feel fit. And when building program I liked especially the Surfing!”

“looking forward to the formula 2”

What do you say to the Hype around your Person? “I am looking forward to the formula 2.” Aha. “There are points where you want to improve. Especially in terms of tire management, there are big differences. The curve tempi are not to compare.”

your toughness opponents? “There are some. There are sure to be an exciting season. The Tests showed that formula 2 makes me extremely Fun. There are a lot of things easier.”

“in 2018, just click the”

Like a year ago, as Mick Schumacher was at half-time in the formula-3-EM far behind and all of a sudden for the series winner and the champion. For many and his main opponent, Dan Ticktum (test on Wednesday, Red Bull-Honda) is still today a mysterious puzzle! Mick remains as cool: “It was made in the Team simple click!”

Mick smiles…

a Last attempt: when and from whom did you learn about your formula-1-test? Mick looks again laid in the lap, smiles and is silent.

Schumi junior continues the season with the starting number 9. “I’d love to keep the 4 from the formula 3. However, the numbers you now.”

On Friday gehts los

The Schumi-Fans can now all hope only on Friday, when the formula 2 gives for the first time while Training on the 5,412 km long course of his new business card. With the two Swiss Louis Delétraz (Geneva) and Ralph Boschung (Monthey). The most expensive formula-2-cockpit go for up to 1.8 million euros to the cash-rich talents.