This can’t be true! Because of the long-criticized, Antonio Giovinazzi (25) drives at the GP of Belgium in Spa, finally a decent race. And then he would throw away in the penultimate round of two world Cup points!

RTL-star commentator Christian Danner said LOOK at what the Team didn’t want to all in the Alfa-say Clean-officially: “Giovinazzi is a full post!” After the Crash in Pouhon without the Need of even more overwhelmed and mentally weak Pilot: “Sorry!” said Team owner Pascal Picci to VIEW: “No comment!” And chief Vasseur: “I have nothing to say. But that was unnecessary!”

Clean space 8

Alfa thrown back Clean remains prior to Monza on next Sunday i.e. on 32 points, but from Racing’s Point-Mercedes (6. Pérez, 10. Stroll) back to the 8. The championship is thrown back.

And what was up with Raikkonen, who started alongside Verstappen from the third row? The two came in the first hairpin (La Source) in the way, the Finn flew through the air. Both of them were limping on, crashed in Eau together blush almost again.

The Dutchman had to give up Red Bull, 35’000 tulips sons were shocked. The Finn drove the crooked car bravely, was 4.5 seconds in front of Kubica 16. and second-to-Last. The fair Kimi: “In this curve, it can always happen what will!”