Sebastian Vettel compares to the unpleasant situation in Maranello and at the race tracks of the world famous Rubik’s cube: “If you’re trying to solve this, so to bring everything in the right order, you need smart people.”

The 52fache GP-winner continued: “And this clever staff we have at Ferrari. Some of the need in the factory less than two minutes for the Rubik’s cube. But our current Problem, unfortunately, is slightly larger than the magic cube.”

at Least has not lost Vettel in these difficult times, in which Mercedes continues to the Red brutal of them (including four double victories in 2019), the Humor. And the hope lives: “I trust this Team for years. Our Mission is not over yet!”

“must We believe in the great goal,”

Schumi needed once five years of start-up to Ferrari in 2000 to make again to the world champion – 21 years after Jody Scheckter. Now Vettel is the fifth year in the Red, and waiting since 2007 (Raikkonen) on a driver’s title.
“We have to believe in the big goal,” says Vettel, who with Charles Leclerc, now a still more ambitious team-mates as himself.

In the case of Mercedes, it waits for the next two races in Spain and Monaco, quiet. But if Ferrari starts winning all of a sudden, is chief Toto Wolff at the poker table on a silver arrow-card – Lewis Hamilton! With this negative Option Valtteri Bottas also has to 2019 life.