Ferrari has lurched from Bankruptcy to another. And Mercedes can be in the Hybrid Era since 2014 in the 105 races never have to ask twice. Spain was the 79. Victory in the new Turbo-time.

On the account of the Ferrari 14 achievements, the Red Bull go into this period of time managed twelve wins. And in this style it is the year 2020.

Mercedes of the Series, not to win getting sick? Team boss Toto Wolff (47) VIEW: “A get-out scenario, there is not in at the moment. But as the Sport evolves? Who can say what is in five years? The whole of humanity then electrically?”

Of Vienna, who lives since years in Switzerland, on lake Constance, it is sent from the boredom on the race track to distract. It can be used as a new formula 1 Boss into the game and says that he feels Mercedes still.

And Toto Wolff is not ruling out a driver change at Mercedes and Ferrari between Hamilton and Vettel. What will not happen of course. But these stories, a lot of media distract from the core problem of the formula 1: The lack of equal opportunity.

Since Kimi Lotus) Raikkonen (the world Cup Start in 2013 in Australia had almost caused a Sensation, won only three cars. Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

Wolff: “Monaco-defeats motivate”

Since it is possible to introduce a Budget cap or not. The Great will always be in the front. Unless you really starts at Zero. Back to simple rules, all new engines, cars with no frills and a ban on telemetry. Because it’s the Details that gobble up millions.

While Red Bull-Honda wins maybe soon with the Japanese Motor, must be found in the case of Ferrari, finally, the lack of downforce. The concept of the new cars is apparently not a simple or quick solution. In Maranello you turn since the start of the season in the circle.

And if the red press Department is asking TV stations (Sky Germany), in writing, to your boss Mattia Binotto, in the future, positive questions, then everything is actually said.

Maybe opened but the Mercedes-opponents 26. May, the streets of Roulette in Monte Carlo is a real Chance. The last two winner: 2017 Vettel in the Ferrari, 2018 Ricciardo in the Red Bull-Renault.

And the last four races before that? Rosberg, Rosberg, Rosberg, Hamilton in a Mercedes! Toto Wolff: “Monaco-defeats in the last two years will motivate us even more now!”