It was the great hour of the world champion-son. He can climb into the several-million-dollar Ferrari in 2004 by Michael. The Fans are raging already clapping in the warm-up round,, are also excited by the loud Sound. 15 years ago, Schumi won with 13 wins during the season and his seventh and last world title. The fifth, with Ferrari in the series.

to see when getting in the car: Mick is wearing a color coordinated two-part helmet. On the one side, the Red is for father Michael, on the other Yellow, his own colors.

How’s Schumi?

Many if you would continue to like it the on 29. December 2013 skiing accident a Superstar. But the Clan is silent more adamant on the state of the now 50-year-old 91-times GP winner.

The hot discussions of the Fans will still go on for years. A Drama without end, an almost unbelievable story of a man who filled in earlier in Hockenheim in the stadium alone!

Mick with Ferrari Power?

Fans can now only hope that it manages to Mick in the formula 1. But still, the results in the formula 2 are missing him for the big jump. Mick will probably still have to ride a season in the second highest League best. Then is expected to rise for the member of the Ferrari Academy, one of the three red doors. In Maranello or in the case of the two engine partners Haas or Alfa-Clean. Favorite is the Hinwil would rather be there!

Leclerc in 32. Start-up?

the third Training was on Friday – a red matter. Leclerc dominated again, put Vettel in the shade. The Monegasques in the 32. Grand Prix is finally the first victory. In Bahrain he has backed up such as in Austria, two Pole-positions.

Mercedes and nostalgia

For the Surprise series winner Mercedes made in front of his 200. Grand Prix. Also in the framework of the 125 years of Motorsport all members of the team dressed with the clothes and suits from the good old days, when engineers were still working with Massa moves to the dirty Boxing.

Hamilton’s best time

deleted Can ride the silver arrows, but in Hockenheim more on the modern wave? Since nine wins (Hamilton 7, Bottas 2) 2019 already to book. Now, at the end of the third Training Mercedes landed only on the squares 4 (Bottas) and 6 (Hamilton). The British removed was a better lap time, because he is geräubert in curve 1 is too far over the edge of the stones. The “Exit route” is also banned in curve 17 – the target curve, is…

Faster Kimi 9.

Hardly a mascot Peter Sauber (75) is there, watch out for the Hinwilern up. Kimi Raikkonen (40) smuggled themselves in ninth place in the world. Antonio Giovinazzi (15.), started in the last four races, three times before the Finns, hopes to have the qualification. The speed is there, now the Italians have to drive only one round without any mistakes to your home.