Mercedes is not easy to stop. The silver arrows are celebrating in the fourth race of the season, the fourth double victory – it wins in Baku, Valtteri Bottas ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Vettel in the Ferrari can’t keep up. Leclerc brings as a Fifth at least the extra point for the fastest lap. But he can’t get past Verstappen in Red Bull, “Mad Max” is the Fourth.

the thickness of the Post-Kimi reached Raikkonen before the race. He is disqualified because of an illegal front wing of the qualification and has to start from the pit lane. And departs, still in the points. For the fourth Time! Everything else, what else was, is here in the race report.

SIGHT-readers can comment, as always, your opinion on this. Here are the results of the GP-Checks in Baku. It is agreed: As at the GP of China, Kimi Raikkonen in the Alfa convinced-Clean and offers a spectacle. The Liaison with his old love Clean, seems to agree completely.

GP-Check-Baku (Top 3)

1. Charles Leclerc, 41 percent
2. Kimi Raikkonen, a 33 percent
3. Valtteri Bottas, 13 percent

1. Sebastian Vettel, 26 percent
2. Lewis Hamilton, 19 percent of
3. Daniel Ricciardo, 18 percent

average rating: 3,2
1. Note 3, 29 percent
2. Grade 4, 27 percent
3. Note 2 15 percent

1. Ricciardo goes backwards in Kvyat, 72 percent of
2. Leclerc’s Extra pit stop for the fastest lap, with 19 percent of
3. Gaslys car, 5 per cent

average grade: 4,5
1. Based 6, 36 percent of
2. Note 5, 31 percent
3. Note 1, 12 per cent

average rating: 3.5 out
1. Note 4, 34 percent
2. Note 3, 29 percent
3. Note 5, 15 percent

1. Mercedes, 71 percent
2. Alfa-Clean, 14 percent of
3. Ferrari, 7 percent