Many fans of Motorsport wonder how many races should take place in the framework of the championship “Formula 1” that the season was counted as valid. The FIA requires from the organizers of the eight Grand Prix, but according to the television contract, “f-1” will receive the money only after completing 15 races.

While there are still a few terms and conditions that accompany the organization of the championship Royal races. So according to the rules of the Federation International automobile, the tournament shall be held at least on three continents. Earlier it was reported that the owners of “Formula 1” of Liberty Media want this year’s championship consisted of at least 17 races.

However, after the cancellation of the Monaco Grand Prix, which was held in late may, it became clear that from a calendar “f-1” fell to at least 7 Grand Prix. Organizers are hoping that the start of the season, delayed because of the pandemic coronavirus, held on 7 June in the capital of Azerbaijan.

In the future, if all goes well, it will cancel the traditional summer mini-vacation, and a number of European Grand Prix could be held in a week interval. And all because, says the publication RaceFans that the contract for the sale of television rights involves carrying out at least 15 Grand Prix of the season.

it is also Unclear how the team “Formula 1” will address the issues associated with the proposed introduction of the new regulations, which in 2021 is postponed for 2022. In particular, the contracts of four teams – Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Haas, in varying degrees, should be reviewed at the end of the year. How will this happen in a new environment, it is still not clear.