The Pole time of Lewis Hamilton from the previous year (1:18,173) did not last long. In the afternoon, under the messengers, six of these drivers this is the brand of the winner of 2018!

The Briton, and from New York arrived, has now realized that team-mate and championship Leader Valtteri Bottas could be a real danger. The Finn does not like an annoying Fly, shake it off and leads the championship with 87:86…

Haas-Ferrari doesn’t mix with

Surprisingly, the front – for the first Time. The two Haas-Ferrari super fast Duos, this, unfortunately, is involved too often in ill-considered actions. And to be among the lucky knights Romain Grosjean (6th) and Kevin Magnussen (8th) also, do not. Team Manager Guenther Steiner to VIEW: “If we can reduce the error rate of the pit and on the track finally, we hunt for the fourth place in the championship!”

when is the new Hinwil Motorhome?

All Teams are, of course, arrived for the first time this season with your million dollar Motorhomes. Hate Ferrari, Racing Point-Mercedes and Red Bull, and Toro Rosso on tour, even in new buildings.

For the Transport of the modern and multi-storey Local for the Teams and guests 150 trucks are needed. And as will be discussed in the near future, still on a Budget-the upper limit …

The oldest Motorhome? It stands for Alfa-Clean and comes from the BMW years 2006 to 2009. Well possible, that the Italians are pushing soon on a new Palace for the Team of Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Ferrari playing cards – and pray

Ferrari has already for the fifth world championship race a new engine (around 20 HP). Three units are allowed without a starting place-penalties. Now, the Reds are in Monaco on 26. May back to the first engine use, since the Power hardly plays a big role. In Barcelona, Leclerc (3 was.) times, starting at 0.088 seconds faster than Vettel.

The shock for the Reds came after the Training: the Long Runs (12-15 laps at a time) was a Mercedes with the same mixture of tires about a half a second per lap faster than Ferrari.

Alonso took the last red Spain-victory

The Poker to bring Ferrari to the Winter test meadow finally back on the victory road. The last Ferrari win in Spain? Fernando Alonso In 2013. Barcelona was also the last and 32. GP-Triumph of the end of 2018, which this national hero.

Now, Alonso is driving in the endurance world championship with Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima in the high superior Toyota the title of world champion locker home. And the end of the month he wants to box the first victory in the Indy 500 …

Arsenal-Hamilton beat Frankfurt-Vettel

On Thursday the duel with Hamilton and Vettel in the semi-final second leg of the Europa League to play in front of the TV. It’s the big Arsenal Fan Lewis won, while Sebastian had to go through with Eintracht Frankfurt a sad penalty-the end. For the end of the month, Hamilton is even planning a final visit to Baku!

Zandvoort before the Comeback

In the fight for the GP-places for 2020 (with a newcomer to Hanoi) seems to be behind the Scenes a decision like that. The Dutch Dune circuit of Zandvoort, to celebrate the end of 1985 (winner Niki Lauda McLaren Tag Turbo) to make a Comeback. And the place will be, thanks to national idol Max Verstappen of course.

The formula 1 has appeared between 1952 and 1985, exactly 30 Times in the seaside resort, 20 km from Amsterdam. Only Moss, Bonnier, von Trips, Ickx, Pironi and Arnoux won there as a Non-champion of the world.

Schumi junior in Germany is Missing?

If the formula 1 at the 28. July for the last Time in Hockenheim as a guest, is more uncertain. The missing 10’000 Tickets (50’000 are gone) you would have sold probably long in advance, when the formula 1 with Mick Schumacher (20) in the preliminary program, would like to appear here in Spain. However, the FIA is said to have demanded for over a Million euros. The series winner of the Mercedes and Vettel in a Ferrari is no longer able to attract the masses apparently!

Now we discuss a show performance by the world champion-son in the Motodrom. The would hardly be so expensive …

Last-Minute-Crash of the Stroller

Red Bull-Honda, defendant Verstappen in the Morning, an oil Leak. The Frenchman Pierre Gasly was for once faster. In the afternoon, the man who won here in 2016, when his Red Bull-Premiere-corrected, the team will be fine …

the only Crash of the day made in the Morning, a Minute before the end of training, the canadian Lance Stroll with the Racing Point-Mercedes. He slammed into the Tecpro-protection walls. “My God, I came onto the Grass,” was the first radio message of the son of team owner and fashion Zar Lawrence Stroll.

Kimi back to championship points?

Alfa-Clean, with new Front and rear wings, as well as modified guide plates arrived, hopes on Sunday once more on the Finn Kimi Raikkonen. He can score also in the fifth race from 15.10 PM (TV live)?

No speed without DRS…

in The Morning, Kimi came from the spot, and it didn’t work, the DRS and the hinged rear wing, of course, on the Straight, not pace of aid could afford.

In the second 90 minutes, then we went in the direction of midfield, while Giovinazzi remained sticking in the lower part of the ranking list.

Kubica suffers and suffer The final two lights of Williams-Mercedes hair follicles once again, only the red lantern. The advantage is once more at formula 2 champion George Russell. For Robert Kubica the very important trust in the English box is missing. The results of the 1. Training: The results of the 2. Training: