on the track, there is chemistry between the former Team-mate Lewis Hamilton (34) and Nico Rosberg (34) constantly. Now the feud continues three years after Rosberg’s retirement from formula 1.

“Lewis is sure to be a bit on the descending Branch, which relates to his natural abilities”, giftelt Rosberg in his Video Blog on the Hungary weekend. For the German, Hamilton in the race is still “phenomenal,” the best in the field, he was, however: “For me, fall is a verse of the currently best driver!”

“I have No idea who is watching these Vlog”

In Hungary, Hamilton, which is the wins fall in front of verse counters, the statements: “I have No idea who is looking at this Vlog (…), if you say something like that about someone else, usually not to the others, but to yourself.” Is not completed the thing for the five-time world champion then, but for a long time.

a Few days later, the Briton puts on Instagram: “There will always be people who defile the names of successful people to keep their failed career alive.” A name Hamilton does not mention whom he is responsive, but should be clear.

“These people are sad and lost, I feel sorry for you, but don’t let them down,” writes the world championship Leader on. Rosberg has not commented yet on whether the two brawlers have buried the hatchet, it is unlikely … (jsl)