the last of The Donuts 2018 (car with rotating wheels rotate in a circle). The last of the boxes from Abu Dhabi gone. The first ship’s cargo to the world Cup to Australia. Soon the factory for 14 days, are everywhere to be closed by law.

Xabi Alonso: “formula 1 has made me eat more and more. Now I have to enjoy the other life.” In 77 days you go in Barcelona with the eight days of testing. We ask 7 questions and try to give a brief answer.

Survived Bottas with his form fluctuations the 3. Season at Mercedes? Or he will be replaced in the middle of the year by Ocon? the answer: You should not be surprised.

Can have Vettel in his ambitious and super-fast team mate Leclerc in the barriers? the answer: there is no big bet!

also Makes Honda to the Red Bull (59 successes with Renault) is already in 2019, again a winning car? the answer: Many are skeptical.

to Build McLaren (182 GP wins) and Williams (114) for your totally new Driver pairings at long last, a competitive car? the answer: The chances are not good.

the bull of Daniel Ricciardo with the change to Renault the right horse? the answer: . Only the salary-million votes.

Can top in Clean, the new Duo of Raikkonen and Giovinazzi, the 48 world championship points of Leclerc and Ericsson from the season 2018? the answer: Depends on everything from new cars C38.

Lance Stroll (20) Will surprise you in their “own” Team of his father (Racing Point F1) to all of his critics? the answer: More than six world championship points as of 2018, there are sure to be!