The “Iceman” from Baar ZG meets the “defeat” in the Alfa with Ferrari Power from Hinwil, ZH. “It’s for sure faster, when we go to a real time hunt”, laughed the Finn, in the lunch break to VIEW.

peace of mind thanks to Vasseur and Zehnder

It is a real pleasure to see how the new Alfa Romeo Racing works renamed Team harmoniously. And team boss Frederic Vasseur and Manager Zehnder Beat now quietly through the once-wild times in the bedroom.

There is felt no more hassle. The program is freezing unwound. There is hardly taken Fuel from the C38 or constantly with the super soft red Pirelli tire on Board-times of hazards. With exceptions…

Kimi faster than ever

As a Renault 12 noon, with Nico Hülkenberg (156 races without a podium), suddenly, in the qualification mode was on-the-go and in-between Vettel and Raikkonen smuggled, has been at Alfa-Clean the aspiration awakened.

As wanted to know where the heads just yet. They sent Kimi with the softer tyres on the runway, and this was 0.3 seconds faster than the world Championships-Seventh Hulkenberg!

How strong Honda is really?

And then tried it the last Ferrari world champion 2007 – 1:17,762. Kimi staggered to the circus the shock. Yes, the Alfa-could Clean worry-2019 is still in for some Surprises in the formula 1. With 138 laps, Kimi turned on the 4.655 km-long course, the longest distance (462 kilometers) of the day!

the winner of the day for Toro Rosso, should finally benefit from the Honda Power. The reliability seems to be there – Kvyat was of 137 laps to go. On the Japanese PS also the red bulls hope. Otherwise, Max Verstappen (21) is again not a title candidate.

Kimi: “The Bullshit is gone!”

In the case of Alfa-Clean (we want to call the Team like other media) has with Kimi and Antonio Giovinazzi (25) a good driver-mix. The Finn, at half-time of 0.6 seconds in front of Vettel: “Finally out of politics. I really have Fun Driving. Here, everything revolves back to the Sport. The Bullshit is gone. This makes it easier for all of you. The media are otherwise mostly only on negative Stories!”

fire at will for the Small

Against the end of the Test, the smaller Teams let their drivers out of the cage, and sucked in gas and got at Pirelli, the dark red ripe (C5) soft. In the case of Ferrari (winner of the day on Monday and Tuesday) did not respond Vettel, with fourth place. On Thursday, Charles Leclerc takes the red goddess.

muscle Lewis: “I’m still stronger,”

An old song, some of the boxes sounded far: Mercedes reveals his cards. Anyone who follows only the results of the impression that the silver arrows in 2019 to only afterwards. World champion Lewis Hamilton (on the 12. Place!) the media was at the lunch meeting. My Sobli-mate Marcel or Matt.

Lewis: “We remain calm. And I myself have gained a little weight in muscle mass. That makes me even stronger. How I managed that, it remains my secret. Roger Federer says Yes, how he keeps in his age, is still so fit. I think it’s good by the way, that Ferrari is already so fast, because we know our tasks in the next few days.”

Kubica: Premiere on Thursday?

The awkward presentation of the world Cup closing, Williams-Mercedes. VIEW Robert Kubica (33) met in the paddock. The poles, in 2008, Montreal is the only Clean winner (with BMW Power) needs to make a good face on a bad game: “I don’t go on Wednesday!” So that would be the third day without any preparation on the GP-Start on April 17. March in Australia.

in The afternoon, then was allowed to roll formula 2 champion George Russell with the FW42 finally out of the Garage. The always smiling team boss Claire Williams is more combative: “We are catching up on the backlog!” Well, then, we are looking forward to it. The 25 rounds and the weakest time on the first day can not Bode well.

Fittipaldi-grandson curving around

most of The Teams in the eight test days in Barcelona, a third party driver. To precious the few hours before the start of the season. Well, for Haas-Ferrari has now given the Brazilian Pietro Fittipaldi (22) a Chance. The previously little-known Pilot is the grandson of two-time champion Emerson Fittipaldi (1972 with Lotus and in 1974 for McLaren).


Test results:

Barcelona, 3. Day

(Stand 18 PM)

1. Kvyat (Toro Rosso-Honda) 1:17,704

2. Raikkonen (Alfa-Clean) 1:17,762

3. Ricciardo (Renault) 1:18,164

4. Vettel (Ferrari) 1:18,350

5. Verstappen (Red Bull Honda) 1:18,787

6. Hulkenberg (Renault) 1:18,800

7. Grosjean (Haas-Ferrari) 1:19,060

8. Fittipaldi (Haas-Ferrari) 1:19,249

9. Sainz (McLaren-Renault) 1:19,453

10. Pérez (Racing Point-Mercedes) 1:20,102

11. Bottas (Mercedes) 1:20,693

12. Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:20,818

13. Russell (Williams-Mercedes) 1:25,625


Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:16,173