Red Bull has extended all four of the contracts to 2020, with Max Verstappen, Alex Albon, Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kwjat. Open only the question of who is allowed to drive alongside Verstappen at the factory and the team. The two others sit in the “new” Team of Alpha Tauri (previously Toro Rosso).

And since the Williams-Mercedes of millions of dowry by the formula 2-Star Nicholas Latifi can’t resist and want to, this transfer door. As with George Russell’s the man of the future.

Giovinazzis career to end?

so it just Remains for Alfa-Clean. The Hinwil do Raikkonen damn hard with the second driver alongside Kimi (40). For the again and again in the criticism coming Italian Antonio Giovinazzi, the long Wait is hardly a motivation boost. And he knows that Will not extend his contract of Alfa, Ferrari, or whoever is his formula 1 career in Abu Dhabi to 23 the race to the end! Twice he had replaced, Yes, in 2017, the injured Pascal Wehrlein.

Even if he has in 173 races, no podium, that would be Nico Hulkenberg terms of points sure the better man. And team boss Vasseur has led the German to titles in the formula 2 and 3!

The dream of Schumi junior

Many people dream of Mick Schumacher (20). His environment, and he want so soon as possible in the Premier class, even if the results of the formula 2-Twelfth the necessary super license now. But as FIA Boss Jean Todt would be (“I see Michael regularly!”) sure a loophole will find. Now, the topic of Schumi, Jun., 2021, at the earliest date. Maybe in Hinwil …