Helen At the time of his resignation in 1973 after 99 races gave Sir Jackie Stewart (80) and his wife 99 diamonds. On Sunday at the Speed Festival in Goodwood, it was a white Rose, which was a surprise to Helen in a wheelchair.

The Scot drew his Matra, with whom he celebrated in 1969, his first of three titles to his tried-and-dementia wife. She struggles on lake Geneva only a few kilometres next to Michael Schumacher for Survival.

Stewart, who cried, years ago, the Foundation “Broken D” to life, in a Sunday views-the Interview: “your dementia is now the greatest challenge in life. At the Moment, there is simply no salvation means.”

The once-frenzied Gentleman is still considered today as one of the best formula 1 Ambassador. And when it comes to money, is one of Stewart’s more to the three highest-paid people in the paddock. Clearly, its contracts with Rolex, Ford and Moet Chandon are already running for 50 years! And also the 250-million Deal with Heineken still had threaded the noble Briton, the formula 1.