three more days until the biggest anniversary of the formula 1. Shanghai is trying to be the 1000. To make a world championship race since 1950, popular worldwide. Even the pilots are a little sentimental.

In the paddock and hang the Liberty flag with the number 1000 in the Wind. Huge posters of Schumi, Senna, Prost and co. to remind you of the good old times.

Only the weather was not playing. It’s supposed to stay until Sunday, partly cloudy weather, maybe even rain. At barely 20 degrees.

“with Great honor” and “Pride”

“It is my great honor to stand at this big event at the Start,” says the Mexican Sergio Pérez (29) in front of his 158. Grand Prix. Still be Racing Point Mercedes has not come up to speed.

“Even if we will be in China in the Williams not very competitive, so you will eternally to the 20 driver of the 1000. World Cup run to remember. I am proud of that,” says the Pole Robert Kubica (34).

Ferrari wants to) the first anniversary of the victory

Ferrari Star Sebastian Vettel (31), now with a proper Schnauzer, is already hot on Sunday (TV live from 08.10 o’clock CET. Never been a red car won by a anniversary of the race! “Wouldn’t that be cool, if we make it here!” the German said on Wednesday.

Also Alfa-Clean-boss Frédéric Vasseur (50) is fascinated by the magical 1000: “Our Team is proud of its long history in formula 1. Until now, the cars from Hinwil 468 were at the GP Start. Because you have to praise the people who work for 26 years with this Team, just. Also, our title Sponsor, Alfa – Romeo, has a great Tradition. The Italians won, Yes, in 1950 the first world championship race in Silverstone.”