For several years, no news about the state of health of Michael Schumacher (50) penetrate practically to the Public by the end of December 2013, the seven-times F1 Champion critically injured in a skiing accident.

the French newspaper “Le Parisien” reported on Monday afternoon that Schumacher had been transported in an ambulance from his home in Gland in the Canton of Vaud to Paris, in order to be there in the “Georges Pompidou European Hospital” to be treated. The renowned heart surgeon, Philippe Menasché (69) amongst the Germans of a stem-cell Infusion, which should prevent inflammation.

For the Transport from the ambulance to the hospital Schumis face and body had been with a fabric covered to protect it from prying eyes. On Wednesday, he should be able to the hospital again to leave.

Schumacher should have been two Times in Paris

The attending Professor Menasché is a specialist for cell therapy in heart failure. 2014 TRANS plan-he consulted the first surgeon to use embryonic stem cells from a stranger in the heart of a infarction patients. According to “Le Parisien” is Schumacher were this year already twice, in Paris, treated.

Menasché is in addition to his role as chief of the division of heart failure surgery in Paris, also a Professor of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery at the University of Paris Descartes. Currently, he is experimenting so that patients are treated by Infusion with secretions from special stem cells in the young heart cells. The Frenchman is married and has three sons and two daughters. (red)