Two victories in Spa and in Monza to make Charles Leclerc (21) to the man of the hour in the formula 1. The giant Talent conquered the hearts of Fans in the storm, his relatively short career in the racing world, the sovereign of Monaco does not say.

in 2018, he had at Sauber-Ferrari to a fast start. The young star took 39 points, was at the end of the world Cup-three tenth. Now he sits in the Ferrari in the Cockpit and convinced there as well. For this, he receives even from former world champion Jody Scheckter (69) a lot of praise.

“I’ve never looked at a driver and thought, “Wow, this is good”. Not in front of my career and also not afterwards. Leclerc is the First,” said the Ferrari-world champion of 1979 “race fans”.

“I hate to admit it, but I already have almost a special Affection to this boy. I always say: He is quiet, a very nice guy and incredibly talented.” More praise is not nearly.

But Scheckter goes even a step further. The South Africans compares to Leclerc, with the Swiss icon Roger Federer (38).

“He is a wonderful, incredible guy. I see him as the Federer of formula 1. Hopefully he will be able to celebrate similar successes.”

Scheckter was between 1972 and 1980, in the formula 1. 112 race to the best of it, sat ride at McLaren (1972-73), Tyrrell (1974-76), Wolf (1977-78) and Ferrari (1978-80) in the Cockpit. In 1979, he celebrated the Triumph in Italy, the world champion title, his biggest career success.