With speeds of over 300km/h lawn the formula 1 drivers on the Asphalt and put with sometimes breakneck Overtaking your life. This fearlessness characterized the racers. But appearances are deceptive.

“Some of them are afraid of a simple syringe”, revealed the many years of formula 1 doctor Riccardo Ceccarelli in an Interview with “Gazzetta Dello Sport”. The Italian has overseen his company “Formula Medicine” is already over 1500 pilots and, more recently, its 500. Grand Prix witnessed.

“I saw a world crying …”

During his time in formula 1-the camp he met the drivers of a new page. “I saw a world crying because he was afraid of a syringe,” says Ceccarelli, and adds: “in General, most of them have a needle-phobia.” But one tops them all: Jean Alesi. The former Sauber driver was the biggest scaredy-cat. “Had, even before the blood pressure measurement of anxiety,” says Ceccarelli. Otherwise, he announced in an interview with Italian sports newspaper, no other name.

in addition to fearlessness on the track, the pilots seem to share a property with each other. The difference is that The Public doesn’t get this vulnerable side to the otherwise spunky, drivers normally face. (jk)