When Kevin Magnussen and the rest of the Formula 1 field in action in Bahrain, it will be without spectators.

It writes the Bahrain International Circuit, where the race should be run on Facebook.

‘As a nation which is host to Formula 1, we take it seriously, when it comes to the welfare of the fans and the participants’ sounds, among other things.

‘When coronavirussen continues to spread, is it not the right to have a big sporting event, where there come thousands of people – including some from abroad,’ then in the lookup.

‘We know that many will be disappointed by this announcement, especially those who are planning to travel to this race, which has been a cornerstone in the international Formula 1 calendar, but security remains our greatest priority,’ ending the message.

Formula 1 fans can still watch the race, as it is still being shown on tv, information.

the first race being run in Australia next weekend, before it then goes loose behind closed doors in Bahrain on 22. march. Subsequent trip to Hanoi in Vietnam, within which then the waiting drivers a break.

It is due to the race that should be run in China two weeks later to have moved on because of coronaviruses.