It’s raining here in Bahrain – and somehow the new reports from Europe, fit for the weather: Mick Schumacher (in four days 20) to climb after the Grand Prix in front of the Alfa-Clean-Test first, even in the Ferrari. So the two test days (2./3. April) in various cars.

There have to roll the millions around the world champion-son. The global advertising effect is of course huge and in the middle of it, the almost timid and polite Boy.

don’t object to Mick?

On Saturday and Sunday is driving formula 3 European champion Mick (exploded, after half the season then formally) in Bahrain, his first two formula 2 races in the Prema Team and his Manager Nicolas Todt.

The question now is: Is the jump after that in the formula 1 too fast, Mick burned out maybe even? For the Schumi-Fans, it is a blast that can be absorbed by the red carpet from Maranello in each Phase (whether positive or negative).

In the footsteps of Kimi and Vettel?

Interesting that both of the young testers were Clean-in the past, later the champion of the world.

* for example, a certain Kimi Raikkonen (20) came in 2000 after only 23 car races in a small series in Mugello for a Test in Hinwil car. On the same day of the big Schumi was in Ferrari on the road. In the evening, Michael said to Peter Sauber: “I have No idea who is there in the car sat. But you need to take immediately!” The Finn, the 2007 Champion, was at Ferrari.

* in 2006, was a certain Sebastian Vettel (19) in Turkey and at Monza the BMW-Sauber on Friday morning, in addition to team leader Robert Kubica test. The German was faster. Actually, impossible. In Indianapolis in 2007, Vettel was allowed to replace the after his Montreal Crash slightly injured Poland, was Eighth and won his first world championship point. In 2010, he won Red Bull-Renault, his first of four world Cup titles in the series.


prove, And now must test Mick Schumacher in the Premier class To be doubted while in the case of Raikkonen and Vettel already at the beginning of the career, hardly anyone on Talent, needs to Mick. – so many experts – to prove first that he is an exceptional talent. The footsteps of his father, are huge.