The 14. April 2019 will go down in the history books of formula 1: 1000. World championship race in China! What on Saturday, 13. In may 1950, Silverstone in England, with 21 riders started, is celebrated today here in Shanghai, after almost 69 years, with 20 pilots.

The 14. April was already a historic date. That night 107 years ago the unsinkable force Titanic collided in the Atlantic ocean in Newfoundland with an iceberg. The Drama of the British steamer called for in 1912, over 1500 people Dead.

The formula 1 is not yet on Sinkkurs. But it needs to soon change a lot, you want to celebrate with this Format a few anniversaries. The total money destruction machine that devours annually to almost two billion dollars, must be stopped.

It needs simpler rules, and also understand the main actors. And the Fans have been waiting for years for a sensational winner. The last was in 2012 in Spain, a man from Venezuela Pastor Maldonado Williams-Mercedes.

The formula 1 itself, starting in 2021, when all of the old laws expire, new. The American owners want to improve the Show. However, it is the Sport that needs to be placed in the foreground. “Show, we have enough already, good race, but far too little,” says Vettel.

The 1000. World Cup skiing is guaranteed on Sunday is not a spectacle. However, the sports world will remember for a long time to the winner. This motivates the Stars. However, China remains a strange place for the 1000. The world championship race. The purists, pull the 11 Indy 500 races from 1950 to 1960 the world championship races, celebrate anyway only at the GP of Monza, the 1000-anniversary.