Kimi Raikkonen, in seven weeks, 40 years old, and remains the most popular formula-1-Pilot. And just before his favorite race in Spa (four victories), he is injured.

The Finn has moved during the summer break (“much too short”) a muscle tear on the left leg the course. Kimi will be climbing on Friday at 10 a.m. in the Ardennes forests in the Alfa-Clean, to check his Fitness: “I’m excited about, whether it’s with the brakes!” Where did the accident happen? Kimis humorous answer: “Every Sport can be dangerous as the drinking!”

The Hinwil Team has prepared for the emergency by now, and the Swedish Replacement drivers Marcus Ericsson (will leave on Monday 29) from the USA to be flown in. Ericsson, a year ago, here in the Sauber in tenth, must omit, therefore, an Indy-Car race in Portland, Oregon!

“I’m angry Raikkonen on the EV train,”

for years, in Baar ZG at home, has other “problems”. At lunch, he told LOOK: “Soon, the ice hockey is off to a championship. And I’m mad at my favorite club EV Zug. I always had four reserved seats. Last year was taken away from me one of these seats. Now all four of them. I don’t think it’s quite nice. I’m trying to think now what I’m going to make this season!”

The happy father of a family with two children, has no Problem with the admission money. Kimi has earned since the start of 2001, and 303 race far more than 100 million Swiss francs. And the big Schweiger 2007 is still the last world champion to Ferrari.

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