The silence and everyone’s favorite Finn from Baar, ZG, world champion in 2007, will complete trips in a Ferrari and 21-times GP winner (last in 2018 in Austin), on Friday here in Barcelona for the test. Until now, the C38 as a movement. The normal children’s diseases went this time at the Hinwil Team, for example, while the top teams Ferrari and Mercedes lost a lot of hours of test time due to engine exchange or accidents.

Kimi Raikkonen , The feeling is quite good. We have tested almost everything, got new parts now, we need to evaluate the things right. The racing week-ends, you have hardly any time.

I don’t know where we are exactly. It is impossible to say. We only know our Strengths, to judge the competition, is a game of pure rate. I can only hope that we are in the midfield. In a few weeks we will know more …

no. We are two drivers, and a lot of people, prepare the car. The are all just as important. There is not only a key role.

We will understand well. We exchange us, have the same goal.

“Vasseur is only a Racer!”

no, I know Hinwil and the factory. I have no great ideas as to how it will be in the next two years. I just don’t remember, the policy is now safely in the foreground. And that’s why I signed also hesitate to without big. In addition, I am the same in the factory. And I met me for the first time with the boss Frédéric Vasseur, I realized immediately: This is a Racer full of passion.

Exactly. I just need to racing. In the Cockpit I’m comfortable with. So should and will remain.

“children, the Largest”

I am satisfied when I can be outside the race tracks with my family. It is the most important point in life. There is nothing more valuable than children. (Kimi has two, the son of Robin 4, daughter, Rianna 2).

(laughs) I’m older. But I’ve changed hardly large, even if I have seen a lot and experienced. Inside I remained the Same.

fingers crossed for the EVZ

Yes, but for weeks as a Playoff participant. Unfortunately, the hot Phase begins when the formula 1 season starting in Melbourne. But I’m going to watch a game. Or more …