FIA Boss Jean Todt (72) connects over a number of years with the formula 1-record world champion Michael Schumacher (49). The Frenchman has been since the times at Ferrari (1996 – 2006) a close friend of the family. Also since Schumis heavy Ski accident with a head injury five years ago, the contact is not cancelled.

“We love us, because we have jointly written an incredible story,” says Todt is now an automobile-Gala in Essen. Of the emotions stirred, he says: “Everywhere in my offices and homes to hang pictures of him. The time with Michael will stay with me always as the best of my life.”

Todt visited Schumacher regularly

what is the state of health of Schumacher, is still a well-kept secret. Todt, however, is one of the few people that have regularly access to Schumi and him in his house in Gland on lake Geneva are allowed to visit. At least twice a month, Todt travels in Switzerland to Schumi.

A special Moment he experienced just recently, on 11. November, when the Brazil GP was held. Todt says: “I’m always careful with such statements, but it’s true. I’ve watched the race together with Michael Schumacher at his home in Switzerland.” (red)