twelve weeks Ago, died in Zurich, Mercedes-the Supervisory Board and the three-time world champion Niki Lauda (70). “We don’t miss him at the races. He has incited with his direct manner always to reach new heights,” says silver arrows team boss Toto Wolff (47). And after his 81. GP victory in Hungary, thought Lewis Hamilton (34) to his friend: “If Niki had been here, he would have taken off his cap in front of the performance of Mercedes. I myself take my hat. If you’re already seven years for Mercedes, then the trust must be on both sides of large. As in Budapest, as you grope me in the fight against verse, once again, to a tire stop, clean repeated. I was immediately pessimistic. But, since this condition was in the heart of lots of trust. And at the end of the strategists were right, actually.”

Even after his 24. Points race in the series know, the championship Leader, that he can at the moment only the bull Max Verstappen (21) the water. Briton pays tribute to the achievements of the Dutchman: “He is the future! And I am looking forward to the next duels. Because it is only because of the close Fights I’m still sitting in the Cockpit.”

in contrast to his former team-mate and formula-E-Superfan Nico Rosberg (34). The German giftelte, once again, against Lewis: “He is on the descending Branch. Verse the best driver is to fall!” Hamilton: “Who has a failed career behind him, has to make more attention.” Fact: Would not have been stopped Hamilton in 2016 in Malaysia of engine damage, wouldn’t be Rosberg with five points ahead of the Champion. Mercedes boss Wolff: “Lewis is driving for years, in a League of its own, to another star. As in the past years of Michael Schumacher.”

Ferrari is not on the spot

The question is: when will catches up with Hamilton in the eternal rank list of his Mercedes predecessor Schumi after his GP Victories? After the 241. Race from Lewis, we have made a comparison, as the seven-time world champion also had 241 races (out of a total of 307) on the account (see table).

Ferrari has written off the season in 2019. A bitter pill for Vettel (32), because he sees little progress in the Team. And chief Mattia Binotto says after the biggest Bust of the last years in Budapest (about a Minute behind!): “We caught up with 27 equal to many championship points as our opponents!” Mercedes 29, Red Bull-Honda 27.”

since 2017 new F1 owner from America continue to play blind cow. Now you negotiate for 2021 seriously with Saudi Arabia in a world championship race! Because the Sheik’s promise of $ 50 million a year, and the longest GP track (now Spa, 7003 yards). Also, Miami is back in the conversation.

The comparison



241 (Stand USA, 2006)

the race

241 (as of Hungary to 2019)








Pole positions



fastest laps



world title