The racing does not come to rest. Only a week after the deadly Drama of the formula-2-French Anthoine Hubert (22) in the Spa is also the formula 3 in Monza experienced a Horror Crash. Four rounds before the final rose at the end of the para-bolide-curve, the Australian Alex Peroni (19) vertically into the air. He was geräubert over a high curb.

luckily, the flight in the wire ended up fences – without the injured marshals. Peroni is spend to study a night in the hospital of Milan.

The Swiss Fabio Scherer (19) was ninth, however, because a driver in front of him was punished, put out the Lucerne at Position 8–, or Pole Position on Sunday. Can he prove then, finally, his Talent?

The first formula 2 race after Hubert’s death the Japanese Matsushita won ahead of Ghiotto (It) and overall leader De Vries (Ho). The Geneva Delétraz had to retire soon with a screwdriver. Mick Schumacher fails to finish the race – engine problems.

Next round Hamilton-Rosberg

The eternal dispute between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg go into the next round. The German, who is not allowed by the way of movies for his Blog in the paddock for free, not attacked since his disgraceful resignation by the end of 2016, only Hamilton. After Spa Rosberg criticized to fall the bulls verse. “That was the old Max.”

The Dutchman: “Rosberg beats like Jacques Villeneuve wild in every direction!” Hamilton heard it, and laughed: “Yes, so it is with drivers who stop and then continue in the headlines want to be!” In a first reaction, Rosberg says: “In the future, I need to keep my criticism to the old colleagues back.” To be continued.

Clean: “Giovinazzi took me by surprise”

Peter Sauber (75) is to Hockenheim, Monza and again a guest in the Alfa-Team. He brings his Ex-Team will have more luck? In Germany, Alfa-Clean ten important championship points lost due to a controversial Irregularity with the clutch. Saubers brief analysis: “Two accidents of Kimi in two days are unusual. For Giovinazzi took me by surprise.”

Giovinazzi as a Pasta chef on the go

And on Sunday, the Italians surprised again. He served on the lunch before the race, the guests in the Clean-Motorhome Pasta. The guests were certainly impressed …