In 66 days is Christmas. Two British Ex-world champion is now is already two Superstars verbal gifts under the tree. Jenson Button (Champion of 2009), paid tribute to a Dutchman: “Max Verstappen is probably the fastest GP-Pilot, and the largest Talent of all time!” Damon Hill (1996): “Unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton still gets quite the recognition he deserves.” Verstappen to drive for a week with only 22 years is already 99. Grand Prix – in
Mexico City, where he won in 2018 in the Red Bull-Renault! In front of Vettel, Raikkonen, Hamilton and Bottas.

Ricciardo and Hulkenberg know

do Not know the joyful feast days at Renault in front of the door. Still, the fraud method according to the 12-page Protest from the Racing Point-Mercedes in Japan floats in space. Here are the FIA would do well, the case will soon be cleared up. The French are really guilty? Has been banned from brake balance adjustment automatically (i.e., not) performed? The seized data, and steering wheels should be enough evidence. And because the two drivers would be Yes. Ricciardo and Hulkenberg are not sure whether you have adjusted the brake balance on the steering Wheel to the front and rear axle. If not, they should have from the fraud in the brake-Gate

in 2008, lying to the Renault driver

But during the Crash-Gate in 2008, the first Singapore race had lied to both drivers at Renault. In short: Alonso won that time only because team-mate Piquet, Jr. triggered with a Crash, yellow flags. That was the key to beat Rosberg (Williams-Toyota) and Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) close. Alonso had made the team leadership under Flavio Briatore on the Trick carefully. And Nelson Piquet junior was so stupid, on the boxes command to respond. The Brazilian slammed after the deliberate screwdriver, probably a bit too strong in the wall and the yellow flags …

Piquet came she never came back

Alonso was acquitted. The stupidity of Piquet was first punished in 2009 with the replacement by Grosjean in Hungary. He never got more of a formula 1 Job. Was suspended at that time only the Italian Briatore with a lifetime Boxing ban was lifted after five years. The Multi-millionaire (and for many years the Manager of Alonso) had led 1994/1995 already Schumi twice with Bennetton to not quite undisputed world titles …

bankruptcies, and breakdowns in the case of Kubica

The marriage of Williams/Kubica is finally broken. However, the 34-year-old Pole, who is stepping down at the end of the season, makes a sour face on a bad game. In Sochi, he had to give up due to strange reasons, after a Boxing command. In Japan, he got a new front wing, the man took him again. And he crashed in qualifying!