In the four weeks to go. And before the formula 1 test in Barcelona (twice in four days) there will be announcements of some of the riders in the first fight. In the case of Ferrari the of Charles Leclerc (21) sounds relatively simple: “I have only one goal, the world title!” Vettel is warned.

Red Bull Honda sounds from the new driver, Pierre Gasly (22): “I’m not bulls the Team moved up to play number 2. But I need a little time, in order to be competitive.” Verstappen will not have to Worry about.

sponsors-Deals of Bottas and Hulkenberg burst

world champion, Mercedes has set boss Toto Wolff, his Finns Valtteri Bottas (29) correctly under pressure: “Valtteri has to be reached in the third year, finally, the level of Hamilton!” Impossible, so Bottas can expect to ever in order that a replacement driver Esteban Ocon 2019 is always ready.

But the three-times GP winner does not want to go under: “I fight like my life. I ride every race as if it were my last!” The world Cup-Fifth has bad cards (also without an unnecessary team orders like in 2018 in Russia). Self-Wihuri (packaging manufacturer) has terminated the sponsor deal after 20 years with Bottas. Reason: disappointing results.

After 13 years, the Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg (31) has lost its contract with Dekra (German audit company). The good world championship-Seventh in 2018, after 156 Great prices, still without a podium place.

race in the ambulance by Milan

Pirelli remains until 2023 in the GP circus. Since 1996, the Italian Mario Isola (48), the Mature giants. First, in the case of the street cars, in the world rally championship and now in the formula 1. However, Isola driving for almost 30 years, even “race” – in the ambulance. It goes across Milan.

“I’ve since developed a real passion for volunteering. Next to me 140 other people with a normal Job
are still on the road, to save lives. As an ambulance driver, you have a great responsibility, because in the back of the Doctors and the injured people with their families sitting. Especially at the traffic lights you can’t boards just through the intersection,” says Isola, who heads already courses.

Half a Million dollars as a Minimum

The Numbers. The Teams are also required to make 2019 to FIA’s start-up funds for administrative costs. 546 131 dollars all have to pay. To 5450 Dollar per point (Mercedes 6553).

Mercedes: 4,84
Ferrari: 3,66
Red Bull: 2,83
Renault: 1,21
Haas: 1,05
McLaren: 0,88
Racing Point: 0,83
Clean: 0,81
Toro Rosso: 0,73
Williams: 0,58