Until the GP of Belgium at the 1. September is the most important decision in the transfer poker to 2020: is Valtteri Bottas (29) Survived a season at Mercedes?

in 2017, the Finn was, at that time under the Management of Toto Wolff (!) to come as a last resort for the retired Nico Rosberg in the silver arrows.

team leader, Lewis Hamilton (34) immediately had an easy game, won the title twice – each time in front of Vettel (Ferrari). Bottas came out in spite of five Wins and some good races, never out of the Criticism section.

And now? Bottas survived also 2019?

Only Bottas or Ocon!

Mercedes Boss Wolff: “It’s only Bottas or our current replacement pilots Ocon. To the Spa we should have a decision, otherwise some of the drivers are blocked.”

And who makes the judgment about Bottas? Wolff: “Lewis is interviewed on this delicate question. He must stay with us to be happy…”

Hamilton may therefore be judge, jury and also executioner. He rescues his not always entirely faithful assistant, also for 2020 the seat?

What is the Plan B?

If Bottas has to go, comes Esteban Ocon (22). And the Finn? “I’ve long been a Plan B or even C!” But where a place is free?

And Mercedes could prepare the master plan: Bottas will occupy in 2020, the silver Cockpit again, so that in 2021, the course is easily for desire driver Max Verstappen (21). In addition to the then, perhaps, seven-time world champion Hamilton.