From the first five of the world Cup to know four Stars virtually every inch of the 3,337 km long Piste of Monte Carlo on the Mediterranean sea.

Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen numbers in the glamorous Principality for years, their modest taxes. And Leclerc lives behind the first corner, St. Devote. Where it goes with a speed of up to 250 the mountain to the Casino high.

Vettel loves, however, in the Canton of Thurgau with his family rather the nature and the nearby lake Constance. As Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

“You guard rails need to hear sing”

For most pilots is the one-time rate between the street canyons of love a kind of hate. Alain Prost (64), who won four times on the classic, once told LOOK: “You have to listen to the barriers to sing, then you’re really fast.”

Many were in the narrow streets too fast and then sing the guard rails, but curse the team boss and mechanic.

In the case of series winner, the Mercedes is announced as of Thursday revenge: For the past two years, is the most famous Grand Prix in the world with no success. 2017 won by Vettel in the Ferrari ahead of team-mate Raikkonen and Ricciardo. 2018 Ricciardo winning in a Red Bull-Renault in front of Vettel and current championship Leader Hamilton.

weather forecast: mixed weather, about 20 degrees.