The French are accused of a prohibited automatic brake balance adjustment is used. Racing Point-Mercedes has charged Renault with a 12-page Protest strongly.

The big question: Which person or which group is the “Stroll Team” the Details of this prosecution?

The FIA would have to solve the sensitive case, actually. However, if established in fact, the suspicion of fraud, could Renault get off even starting in 2021, once again.

And the formula 1 can afford now really is no withdrawal of a team. Why Renault was publicly accused, remains a mystery.

Why is that an official accusation?

Up to now, such “fraud” the FIA have been behind-the-Scenes the course. And then, the world has prompted the Association of the suspected Teams are polite, the Trick or whatever on the next race no longer apply.

Now, Renault is (still) stupid. In the case of a penalty, Ricciardo (6 would be.) and Hülkenberg (10.) sure your nine Japan will lose points.

But, of interest to hardly anyone. So what’s behind the charges? Many suspect a political “attack”. Because of the world Cup-Fifth for Renault, with McLaren, Williams and Alfa-Clean to the four Teams for the new (already weakened) rules from 2021 onwards. And these are supposed to be until the end of October, finally, Council approval.